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Thomas published his first book, "The Philosophy of Divine Nutrition"(in 1977) it was his doctoral thesis in Metaphysical Philosophy at the Tree of Life School, located in New York City. This book was also the text of his Guinness Book World Record for the "longest sermon" - 93 consecutive hours (September 18-22, 1978).The premise of his philosophy is that every religious text has instructions on health, longevity and nutrition and that an analysis and synthesis of this advise is the basis for his concept of Divine Nutrition.

About Author

Donald Thomas

Three Time Guinness Book World Record Holder

In addition to his Sermon record, he also holds two world records in after-dinner speaking, based upon his book on motivation, fitness , and herbal sports nutrition, titled The Way of PDN- The Ultimate Vegetarian Athletic Nutrition Program(1986)

The Awards

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Packed with information, that I had not even thought about on my journey to being healthy. I found this book to be easy to read. I easily referred to and followed the content on my new journey to junk food freedom. I totally recommend this book for anyone who wants information about being healthy, and especially for those (like me), who are embarking on a discovery trip on how to eat and live healthy. Helpful


Instead it's an unusual dual focus on the author's customized martial arts routines combined with a vegetarian nutrition regimen; so be forewarned: those not already interested in getting involved in such a program should look elsewhere … but then, those who aren't interested in real change involving increased vitality and healthy routines shouldn't be looking in this direction, in general.

D. Donovan

To be honest, at the beginning of my reading I thought this book was clearly written for athletes and athletic academics. The material can initially be a very intimidating read but as you start to settle in and focus on Donald's breakdown and layout of the causes and effects of foods, vitamins, and exercise on the human body, the material becomes interesting, educational, and yes fun.